Official snooker rules

official snooker rules

A few of you will have noticed during the last couple of days, World Snooker have recently announced changes to the Official Rules of Snooker. Rules of Snooker. Type of Game: International or "English" snooker is the most widely played form of snooker around the world. It is generally played on 6'x12'. Home» Snooker » Snooker – The Rules. Canadian Century Breakers · Canadian High Runs · Canadian Perfect Games · Canadian Snooker Awards. This has now completely turned around, this is the only one that has changed entirely. He strikes the cue ball whilst balls are moving and pot the last red. Now bearing in mind that the non-striker cannot be penalised, I could effectively do that deliberately, move the balls and there would be a problem again. When the colours have been potted, the frame is over and the player who has scored most points has won it but see below for end-of-frame scenarios. If that spot is covered by another ball, the ball is placed on the highest available spot. It is played using a cue and snooker balls: So what does this mean and how has it changed? Provided that where the cue ball and an object ball are almost touching, it shall be deemed a legal stroke if the cue ball hits the finest possible edge of official snooker rules object ball. The black 7 ball is an exception in the case of a andrew robl score; see Scoring. There was nothing in the rules previously to cover this situation so it has now been added for clarification. Snooker fans can get the latest Bet bonus code at The Free Bet Guide site Get the best betting deals today with BetCode using our exclusive promo codes today. Points are scored in two ways: If there is no room this side of the spot, it will be placed as close to the spot as possible in a straight line towards the bottom cushion, without touching another ball. If the striker plays two strokes after such error without its being announced by opponent or referee, he is free of penalty and continues playing and scoring normally as though the spotting error simply had not occurred. The rail is an obstruction not a snooker and does not effect the call of a free ball. Rules of Snooker Type of Game: Because players receive points for fouls by their opponents, snookering one's opponent a number of times in a row is a possible way of winning a frame when potting all the balls on the table would be insufficient to ensure a win. Only one of these can be the ball "on" and the rules of the game state that a player must nominate the desired colour to the referee, although it is usually clear which ball the striker is playing and it is not necessary to nominate. Note that "best attempt" here has a couple of elements.

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The Rules of Snooker - EXPLAINED! It is allowed to cannon a ball nominated as a red into another red, so as to pot this a plant. This can prevent the score difference from decreasing too much, at the discretion of the referee. Section 3, point 8: Next time you are betting on Snooker get a Free Bet from the online bookies Visit mybettingsites. Using the scenario of me and you as players, imagine that the difference is 31 points with one red, 35 points remaining. The black 7 ball is an exception in the case of a tie score; see Scoring. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. When the nominated colour is potted, the player will be awarded the correct number of points yellow, 2; green, 3; brown, 4; blue, 5; pink, 6; black, 7. Ruling on the following crcumstance: Now while that is happening, he is still the striker under the new rule and so would be penalised. Not hitting the ball "on" first is the most common foul. A warning is issued, and a third failure official snooker rules forfeit the frame to the opposition. Set of Snooker balls:

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